Claimant dreams of insurance-derived wealth can complicate the most simple of claims. It may not be in my own interest to view such dreams with a critical eye, since the carrier’s need for an adjuster in the field Is a common result of an inconsistency between facts and demands.

Trucking accidents seem to generate a disproportionate number of such claimants and so I have dealt with more than a few. In this particular case our insured was clearly liable – he was rolling to a stop at a red light and failed to stop before rear-ending the claimant. The result was minor damage to the rear bumper of claimant’s pickup truck. At the scene the claimant does not seek medical attention or complain of injury.

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You Touch That Truck and I Break Your Arm

Well, what I really said was: “You touch that truck and I call the cops.” More politically correct, and more believable, considering that I am female, weighing less than half what your average New York tow truck operator weighs… I am going to tell you the story of how I came to be at odds with a couple of tow truck operators in the middle of the night in the Shea Stadium parking lot. And for any of you readers who don’t think females should be adjusting truck claims, call me – I’ll give you a long list of references, all of them are guys who handle truck claims and all of them have been around the block as many times as you.

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