What Do You Suppose Was in that Car?

Getting an eighteen-wheeler through Manhattan presents its own unique set of challenges.Sometimes the challenges come out on top and we get a claim.

This one of our first claims from a client we have since done a lot of business with. Our driver had a 38-foot trailer on the tiny streets of lower Manhattan. In the process of making a right onto a street that would give a motorcycle trouble, his right rear wheels met the rear bumper of a soon-to be-very-compact car. Someone was not paying attention to the “wide turns” sign on the truck’s rear doors. The wheels did not stop at the bumper, or the trunk, or the roof. They rolled right over the car. Our driver thinking that the curb was a bit high, carried on down the street at a slow pace.

Inside the now-very-compact car, we had a seriously injured passenger. The guy who had just parked his flat mobile was standing on the sidewalk, and gave chase. Our driver stopped and called in the accident.

We got there fast. The injured passenger was on the way to the hospital and the guy driving had disappeared. Over the next two weeks, the hospitalized guy wouldn’t see us. Then he checked out suddenly and disappeared. To this day, years later, no claim has been filed despite the fact the medical report said our passenger would walk with a cane the rest of his life, and it looked like a six-figure settlement coming down the road. No claim.

What do you suppose was in that car?

New York Truck Adjuster

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