How an Adjuster with Super Powers Can Help

Even those in possession of super powers have to sleep. Thus it was that I was in bed at 2 AM when I received a call from a trucking company for whom we regularly work. My immediate on-site response was requested for a red light dispute accident. The party in the adverse vehicle had been transported from the scene to the hospital and our insured driver was adamant that he did not run the red light.

I immediately got dressed, threw on my cape (orange safety vest), slid down the “bat pole” (ran down the stairs), got into the highly-equipped bat mobile (Ford Focus loaded with adjuster equipment) and raced to the scene of the accident.

Upon arriving at the scene, the insured driver had already moved his vehicle from the intersection to the right shoulder. The police were interviewing the insured driver. I immediately took pictures of the claimant vehicle that was still located in the intersection and found out the claimant was taken to a regional medical center. Based on the information that I could get off the vehicle, I was able to determine her name and used that later to find out her condition while she was in the hospital.

It was now time to enlist my super powers on behalf of our client. First I dusted off my x-ray vision to find out what happened (I asked a lot of questions). I discovered that the police department at this point was finding fault as “undeterminable” – both parties were claiming that they had a green light. I began to talk to various people that were standing around and found a truck driver that had witnessed the actual collision and was certain that the big rig driver had the green light. But he did not want to get involved. Using my “Truth, Justice and the American Way Persuasion Power” (along with the reminder that one day he might need a witness) I vaporized this barrier. Taking him by the hand (literally taking him by the hand), I convinced him to do the right thing, then introduced him to the law enforcement officer that was handling the investigation of this accident.

After the law enforcement officer had obtained a witness statement, I obtained a recorded statement.

We interviewed the driver (never a recorded statement from the insured driver) and obtained his version of the events.

I then went to the hospital and located the claimant who was still in the emergency room. We did not interview her at this time but simply left a name and number and obtained her phone number so that we could contact her after she was released from the hospital.

Two days later, we found she had hired ____________ (an attorney devoted to late night TV and billboard advertising, the assertion that “We’ll fight for you!”) to represent her so that she could get the millions of dollars promised by the ads.

We received the police report shortly thereafter clearly indicating that the claimant was at fault for this incident, and noting that she was cited for running the red light. All of this based on the witness who I had discovered while at the scene of the accident. We then wrote a letter to the attorney advising him that we were denying and why we were denying. Two days later, we received a reply advising us that he was no longer representing the claimant. Perhaps his slogan should read, “We’ll fight for you – providing the adverse party fails to get hard evidence of what really happened!”

Don’t tolerate or encourage false claims or Plaintiff Attorneys who accept them. Document the truth, then just say NO. To assist you in this public service, our investigatory superpowers are available 24/7, 365 days a year, for remarkably reasonable rates.

California Truck Adjuster

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