Highway 65: 54 Miles of Bad Road

Actually, Highway 65 is a pretty good road – straight for the most part, dry almost always. It would be more accurate to say “54 Miles of Decent Road with a Few Really Bad Drivers.” Because there are always a lot of big rigs on the roads of Kern County, some accidents can be severe in the extreme…

That iFeatured images me in the red shirt inspecting the remains of a Honda that had recently attempted to pass five vehicles at one time, three of them big rigs, all of them doing the speed limit (55 mph). The northbound Honda found itself in the southbound lane facing an oncoming big rig, and at the last moment attempted a very sharp turn to the right to squeeze between two trucks. This in turn resulted in a loss of control and a 360 degree spin, bringing the Honda broadside and directly in front of our client’s rig. The collision sheared off the front of the Honda, sending the rest of the car, its driver and two passengers spinning off the road. Miraculously all three survived, and had just been transported when I got there. They were oh-so-lucky not to be flattened road kill like the Honda engine – it really was a matter of a tenth of a second and less than 18 inches that made the difference.

When you need help at the scene of Featured imagean accident in the Kern County area, call on me. I know trucks and truck accidents, and I know Bakersfield and Kern County like the back of my hand.

And when you need someone to attend a mediation or Mandatory Settlement Conference, I can exchange emergency response clothing for a more professional look and help you with that as well.

Featured imageALMA GONZALES – Bakersfield, CA
Fluent in Spanish
Trucking, all Casualty Lines
After Hours Dispatch: 866 649-7602 (866 DMA TRUCK)
Backup Number: 206 618-8684
                                  Alma’s cell: 661 487-3714
                                  Email: assignments@davidmorse.com

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